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You've never seen Paintings Come To Life like this!

​Marilyn Frazier


Although I always knew that I was artistic, it wasn't until I was unable to walk because of a car accident in 1994 that I started to sculpt.  While I was on crutches recovering from my injuries, severe concussion, and trauma that resulted in amputation of my left foot, I bought a book that gave instructions on how to make hand made objects using a salt dough recipe.  I simply needed something to fill my time because I was stuck at home unable to work. I taught myself how to sculpt and began making gifts for people like my surgeon who helped save my life and others who supported me during that time.

A few years after my recovery I sought out a sculpting class.  While everyone else in the class was throwing pots, I built my first animal head sculpture.   Eventually my sculptures became more intricate and durable.  I eventually figured I should find a practical use for all the animal heads that I had created, so I made a background for them and took a painting class. 

Through adversity, my life transformed dramatically and I've been passionately creating ever since.  I love the lifelike affect that sculpture has on a wall painting.  I'm in awe of the endless beauty found in nature and excited to bring the wild outdoors inside.  My goal is to sell my art to be able to afford appropriate prosthetics so I can exercise and enjoy the outdoors.  My dream is to travel and actually create my Sculpted Paintings observing wildlife in their natural environment. 


In the Summer of 2012, I was a struggling artist in LA and found the big city to be a sea of interested, but unavailable men.  Dating services didn't work and I joined groups to get out and meet people.  On one such trip, a rafting adventure to the Kern River, I was struck by lightning from a cloudless sky...  I met a man, the leader of our adventure, who I related to better than anyone I had ever met and yet exactly how I always envisioned my partner would be for me.  He was taken at the time, but I was so taken by him that we kept in touch and I rafted with him each season.  After a few years of just being friends, he became available and we slowly but surely melted into each other. 

In the Spring of 2015, we made a pact to finish my paintings and create a business together.  Our goals and dreams are now one and the same.  We're doing our best to provide a quality service and products to you.  We hope you like what you see and are as wild for our art as we are Wild for Life!​


Each Sculpted Painting can take a few months  to produce and there may be a longer waiting list.  Marilyn can only make a few each year and no two are exactly alike.  We appreciate your business and respect your investment in her art.  We prefer to answer any questions in person before your purchase, during creation, and after delivery to ensure your satisfaction.   CONTACT US  any time.

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