Paintings & Prints That Come To Life!

​Marilyn Frazier


Marilyn strives to use only the highest quality materials to create a work of art that will last for generations.  Each Sculpted Painting can take a few months to produce and there may be a longer waiting list.  Marilyn can only make a few each year and no two are exactly alike.  We brand each Original to identify it and insure it's authenticity.  We appreciate your business and respect your investment in her art.  We prefer to answer any questions in person before your purchase, during creation, and after delivery to ensure your satisfaction.   Contact Us  any time.

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Although I always knew that I was artistic, it wasn't until I was unable to walk because of a car accident in 1993, that I started to sculpt. While I was on crutches, recovering from the loss of my left foot, I taught myself how to sculpt while following some examples from a book. After sculpting a few animal heads, I realized they would be more interesting with a background, so I taught myself how to paint. I created my sculpted paintings over the years while I was experiencing adversity and self transformation. The meaning behind every one of my paintings represents who I have become through the face of ongoing life challenges. I consciously turned my weaknesses into strengths.

My art will resonate with self-made go-getters who are straight forward, authentic, and tell it like it is. I create power animals who sieze opportunity.  Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless.

My dream is to travel and actually create my Sculpted Paintings observing wildlife in their natural environment.


In the Summer of 2012, I was a struggling artist in LA.   On a commercial rafting adventure to the Kern River, I met a leader and now lifelong friend who has since assisted and coached me to progess in recovering my health and taking my art to the next level.  In the Spring of 2015, we made a pact for me to finish my paintings, for him to be my Manager, and for us to create a business together.  Our goals and dreams are now one and the same.  We're doing our best to provide a quality service and products to you.  We hope you like what you see and are as wild for Marilyn's art as we are Wild for Life!