Dining Leopard

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When we face our adverstities and accept things for what they are, we then have the power to choose the outcome and how we feel

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(with a Resin Cast Sculpture)

Price: $8,000 plus CA tax (includes shipping)

Availability:  up to 6 Month Wait
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  • Each piece is hand painted by Marilyn Frazier in the likeness of THE ORIGINAL and is individually unique
  • The Sculpture is a resin cast from the mold of the clay original, making it lighter and more durable
  • Minimum 50% Payment required to secure your piece
  • Full Payment is required before delivery

Approx. Weight:  20 lbs.
Materials:  See FAQs


(with the Original Clay Sculpture)
Price:  $80,000 plus CA tax (includes shipping)

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Dining Leopard Story:   I have A.D.D. and only as an adult have been able to manage it better.  This piece was conceived during attending a painting class that I was unable to finish.  The subject was surrealism and over the years I continued to upgrade it from it's original rendition.  3% of profits will go to charity.  My Story

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