​Marilyn Frazier



"Appreciation...  for all the life lessons along our path"

  • Each piece can take a few months to create and deliver
  • They're hand-made, truly unique and limited in number
  • Minimum 50% Payment is required to secure your piece
  • Full Payment is required before delivery

Availability:  2 Month Wait

Waiting List:  Currently, You can be the 1st to own one!

Price:  $14,000 plus CA tax (includes shipping)


Compliment Pieces:  Mandrill, Tiger, Leopard, The Lion, Lotus, Monkeys, Pinky the Flamingo

Frame:  4" wide x 2" thick

Dimensions:  44" x 24"

Approx. Weight:  20 lbs.


Story:  Most of my painting are about an individual animal and solitude.  This piece is about family, friends and being social.  The people and culture you are surrounded by has a major influence on you, choose wisely.


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