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You've never seen Paintings Come To Life like this!

​Marilyn Frazier




"Peace...  Excepting things as they are in every moment"

  • Each piece can take a few months to create and deliver
  • They're hand-made, truly unique and limited in number
  • Minimum 50% Payment is required to secure your piece
  • Full Payment is required before delivery

Availability:  3 Month Wait

Waiting List:  Currently, You can be the 1st to own one!

Price:  $17,000 plus CA tax (includes shipping)


Compliment Pieces:  Mandrill, The Lion, Leopard, Elephants, Lotus, Monkeys, Pinky the Flamingo

Frame:  3" wide x 1 1/4" thick

Dimensions:  54" x 42"

Approx. Weight:  40 lbs.


Story:  The Tiger, being the largest and strongest of all the wildcats, gets the full treatment here.  This is one of my largest paintings and it commands any room.  This sculpted painting took over 10 years to become fully realized.

Video Coming Soon!