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You've never seen Paintings Come To Life like this!

​Marilyn Frazier


Marilyn's goal is to create High Quality Unique Art that truly Stands Out.  She uses only archival quality materials:

Birch Wood -  Used for the backboard base of paintings.  It is knot free with a very smooth surface.
Clay -  Oven-fired clay as a base for the Original Sculptures and then build upon that with air-dry clay.
Casts -  Brushed on Resin for the large cast sculptures and Smooth Cast #320 for the small cast sculptures.
Artist Grade Oil Paints -  Winsor & Newton and Gamblin premium oil paints.
Custom High Quality Wood Frames -  Hand picked wood and frame style, then we frame the painting ourselves.

Marilyn's Journey

Although I always knew that I was artistic, it wasn't until I was unable to walk because of a car accident in 1994 that I started to sculpt.  While I was on crutches recovering from my injuries, severe concussion, and trauma that resulted in amputation of my left foot... more